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Song Details from the album New Beginnings

Inspired by Leonard Cohen

This song started out  as a way to get another song to use for opening our shows.  Normally we do a song by Leonard Cohen called Dance Me ‘Til the End of Time.  We really like it as a first song because it sets a nice groove, it’s fairly simple, nice to jam on, etc.  But we didn’t really have anything else that was similar and we wanted something new, so Doug  decided to write a new song.  He had an idea for a title that was Perfectly Flawed.  And he asked Phyllis (his wife and co-conspirator) to write some lyrics, and she kindly acquiesced. Doug came up with a groove that he thought was like Leonard Cohen’s song, but of course, it only had a passing resemblance.  Anyway, Julie and Doug have had great fun with the song really concentrating on the harmony vocals. 

Ian Scherer

Ian Scherer really added a nice touch on guitar. Also, this song features a technique we like to use called “Julie sounds even better after Doug sings.”  We do this a few times in our performances.  As you’ll hear, as great as Julie sounds, she sounds even more amazing right after Doug sings.  Something about extremely stark contrasts, probably.

Julie and Doug

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Perfectly Flawed


When I strive to do the best I can
I fall down – I’m just a simple man
Trying my best to keep the gears in drive
When it’s right I feel so alive
With you by my side
But then we hide
Let the fears decide

Life gets bland and no one cares
Sink back in to my old despair
Travelling all the way back to nowhere
But then a spark will start the game anew
And I will come out again and play with you.


When I’m at my best
Life seems to flow
Then the witches howl and the good times slow
No matter how I try to let it go
The swamp engulfs me like a buffalo
Am I my own worse foe
Seems like so…

We’re perfectly flawed
Oooh, we’re perfectly flawed
Is it the way they made us
Who’s got the master plan

Music: Doug Onstad
Lyrics: Phyllis Onstad

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