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Phyllis and Doug

This song lyrically likens a love affair/romance/relationship to a three-act play – tenuous at the outset, torrid in the middle and introspective at the end.  The song is written in the style of the classic American songs of the thirties and forties.  The music departs from this genre in the up-tempo middle section where Julie scat sings her heart away only to return to a ballad in time for the finale.  Don’t forget to listen for the high note at the end.  Doug (music) and Phyllis (lyrics) collaborated on this song.

Miracle of Love


Act One begins with quickening of senses
A glance across the dance floor
A smile I can’t forget
The stage is set
The players met
And then the house lights dim
Welcome to the miracle of love

Act two begins down stage with romance
The perfect lover syndrome
Suspending disbelief
The dreams repeat
The fevers heat
Drummers set a faster beat
We’re lost inside the miracle of love


Act three rises with drama
Illusions fade and embers dim
Love gets hard nobody wins
Do we stay or do we go and move to other dreams
The play is not always as it seems

Act four needs clever choice and direction
We want the happy endings
Concluding with a kiss
Endearments heard
Our passions stirred
Will the curtains close like this?
We’re lost inside the miracle of love

Music: Doug Onstad
Lyrics: Phyllis Onstad

Doug and Phyllis

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