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The title track that Doug wrote with Phyllis.  We like to think it’s in the tradition of a timeless jazz ballad.  It’s beautifully sung by Julie and Jess Petty’s flugelhorn playing left us breathless.  Many thanks to everyone who brought this song to life and made it so satisfying.

Jess Petty

New Beginnings


When the pain of our yesterday
Meets the promise of tomorrow
And what about a way
To find the exit from sorrow.
Can we have a new beginning
Can we start the future winning
What about today                 
What about today

If we give our life a fresh start
And we play the game of true love
Celebrate our full hearts
With a joy that flies up above
Is it time for a new inning
With a scoreless game for winning
What about today
What about today

What about today
As we reach for one another
Can we find our way
Let’s be careful not to smother
Somewhat shyly, oh so slowly
Remembering how love can be so holy

Is the answer in forgiving
While we travel on this highway
Play this game called living
Growing forward in this new day
For its love and truth we look for
As we go forth thru this new door
Celebrate today
Celebrate today

Music: Doug Onstad
Lyrics: Phyllis Onstad

Doug and Phyllis

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