About Doug & Julie

What Others Say:

“Doug sounds kind of like early Mose Allison.  He writes a very nice blues song.“
Sarah Baker, musician, music educator

“I’m a sucker for sexy lounge music.  Great piano and vocal.”
Roland Jacopetti, radio personality

" I have loved jazz since the age of 12 and have heard all the great female singers from Lady Day to Carmen McRae - obviously, Julie has listened, too. Julie knows jazz phrasing and rhythmic nuance, and she has a unique ability to put across the emotional content of whatever song she is singing. I always enjoy listening to her.." 
Steve Fowler, Board Member, Occidental Center for the Arts

Julie Crystel is a born vocalist who comes from a family of singers and musicians. Julie is also an exceptional dancer and veteran of theater – especially musical comedy. She has a voice that is at once technically spot on while capable of improvisation and  emotional declaration. Julie has a nearly three octave range and a tone of crystalline clarity yet deep, sultry resonance in her lower range. “Each song is it’s own world to me..  I feel my job is to interpret the lyrics to convey the musical emotion of each piece.”  


Doug Onstad, who has arranged all of the group’s piano interpretations, knows how to hold the gorgeous melodies of the song book in chordal inventions that are at once classic and adventurous. Brulée also perform some of Doug’s own compositions that have grown out of Doug’s love for American music. Jazz, rock and R&B are informed by grounding in classical music for piano in alchemy of all of the best of our national musical vocabulary.

Doug's music has been awarded Best Song at The West Coast Songwriter events and with Julie for Best Performance.

Together as Brulée, Julie Crystel and Doug Onstad, along with the great musicians that join them, offer a cool ride on the highways of sound. Perfect cocktail jazz (think Mad Men) capable of owning the spotlight. These great performers make sophisticated music for parties, receptions and celebrations of all kinds. Brulée: Jazz with a Twist.

Winner of Best Song and Best Performance (twice) at West Coast Songwriter events.

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